its a haft shark and haft turtle it live in the ocean and eat fish in the sea my dad left as a small child

The great white turtle is truly a majestic creature, however due to increasing concerns of hunting and poaching of it's eggs it is currently a endangered creature placed on one the endangered species watch list. It has a diet of both plants such as sea weed, and also sometimes other fish such as tuna, goldfish and other such fish. One must keep their wits when near one of these ferocious but majestic beasts, as they are known to be extremely aggressive at times and are known to be the most fatal and aggressive turtle in the world.

These creatures are also suffering daily from litter, like plastics for example getting into the ocean. As a result of this, a turtles will eat a plastic bag, thinking it's food. However this usually fatal mistake usually results in the turtle digesting the object and later suffocating and dying later as a result.

In order to keep these majestic but nearly extinct beasts in our world alive, we must work together to clean up the ocean and reduce trash pollution. Some things you can do to help, is by recycling any bottles you may have, or also using reusable bags which result in less plastic bags being thrown away and being tossed into the ocean. You can also help by donating to a wildlife endangered species organisation. These are just a few of the ways you can help preserve the great white turtle and stop it's extinction. Remember, every bit helps!