"Get the FUCK out!"
-Gino when Khonjin Enters the Pizzaria

Gino Fratelli is one of the deuteragonists of the show and is the owner of Fratelli's Pizza (also known as [Pizza|Gino's Pizza]) which is the pizza restaurant that Khonjin frequently visits. He is in his late 40's and weighs 40 pounds. His favorite color is blue. Gino was voiced by Chris Condron in Season 1, but was then voiced by Connor Lavery in seasons 2 and 5 after his original voice actor was let go.

Physical Appearance Edit

Gino is a Caucasian male with dark purple hair wearing an outfit similar to [[1]] He has a suit with a tie, a white shirt, black pants, and apparently no shoes. He also has a cigar.

Lore Edit

Gino is the owner of a pizza restaurant known as [Pizza|Gino's Pizza] (although the real name is Fratelli's Pizza). Gino's restaurant is a common setting in the show.

When he isn't running his Pizzeria, he is working as a Gang member in a gang run by Khonjin's father. Despite deeply hating Khonjin's father, he seems to go along with any mission that he is assigned to. He has been on 3 known missions (in Episodes 16 and 17: Heist, Episode 45: Infiltrator Part 1, and Episode 49: Hell). Gino never seems to question the missions either no matter how strange they get. A noteworthy example is in Episode 49, where the mission requires Gino, Khonjin, and Khonjin's father to kill themselves in order to go to Heaven and steal Jesus' shoes. This mission is never shown as Gino steps outside to recieve a message from Smack.

Quotes Edit

  • "Take five steps closer to this place and I'll do a tap dance on your rib cage"
  • "It's in the contraaaact!"
  • "Khonjin? That retard?"
  • "For the last time; The rope isn't haunted!"
  • "Pep-pep-pepperoni goddamn pizza."
  • "Do you understand the toll my brain has taken from you calling me non stop?!"
  • "I killed my wife and children."
  • β€œI can’t use my dick anymore because of you!”
  • "Alright, so where's the damn cat?"

Personality Edit

Gino is your typical New York gangster, with the accent to match. Gino is quick to anger, and has even killed other characters without mercy such as [Spaghetti Chef|Gay Spagetti Chef] [[2]], [[3]], and even himself in the pilot. Due to his unfriendly nature, Gino has no known friends and several enemies (or just people that he hates). This list includes Khonjin (who sees Gino as a friend), Khonjin's father, and the Pizza Mambo employees. He had a wife and child, but they were killed by Khonjin shortly after making their first appearence in "Court" (Gino was then "exposed" for being the true killer).


with Khonjin Edit

"My greatest wish is for you to be castrated by a scorpion. It's true!"
-Gino to Khonjin in "Pizza Mambo"
Gino hates Khonjin, though Khonjin sees him as a friend.

Appearances Edit

Khonjin HouseEdit

  • Season 1
    • Ep 1: Chef
    • Ep 2: Game Show
    • Ep 4: Father
    • Ep 7: Winner
    • Ep 10: Finale
  • Season 2
    • Ep 11: Commercial
    • Ep 13: 1000 Subscribers
    • Ep 15: Court
    • Ep 16: Heist Part 1
    • Ep 17: Heist Part 2
    • Ep 18: Fame
    • Ep 19: Jaffraud
    • Ep 20: Finale
  • Season 3
    • Ep 21: Shark (Voice appearence)
    • Ep 22: 4000 Subscribers
    • Ep 26: Crimis
    • Ep 27: P.I. 2 Part 1
    • Ep 29: Disguise
  • Season 4
    • Ep 31: Road trip
    • Ep 32: Pressure
    • Ep 34: Dweebus
    • Ep 35: Diary
    • Ep 36: Best Game
    • Ep 37: 10,000 Subscriber Special
    • Ep 38: Thigh Gap
    • Ep 39: MRA
    • Ep 40: Finale
  • Season 5
    • Ep 45: Infiltrator Part 1
    • Ep 48: P.I. 3 Khonjin X Quincey M.E. 2 Part 2/2
    • Ep 49: Hell
    • Ep 50: Grand Finale

Fatalities Edit

Kills Edit

Victim Cause Episode
Self (suicide) Bullet to the head Ep 1: Chef
Khonjin Shots from mini-gun Ep 20: Finale
Pent (sort of) Bullet to the heart Ep 37: 10000 Subscriber Special
Gay Spaghetti Chef Gun shot Ep 40: Final

Deaths Edit

Cause Killer Episode
Bullet to the Head Gino (Suicide) Ep 1: Chef
Explosion after assault Khonjin's Father Ep 4: Father
Injuries caused by phone explosion None (Unless you consider a phone as a character) Ep 10: Finale
Plane crash (into him) None (Unless you consider the pilot to be the killer) Ep 13: 1000 Subscribers
Explosion None Ep 16: Heist Part 1
Gunshot Khonjin Ep 17: Heist Part 2
Explosion after assault Khonjin (like father like son) Ep 18: Fame
Magic induced explosion None (caused by magic) Ep 20: Finale
Tiger mauling Khonjin's first 4000 subscribers Ep 22: 4000 Subscribers
Rage induced explosion Khonjin Ep 32: Pressure
Crushed by falling Khonjin Khonjin Ep 48: P.I. 3 Khonjin X Quincy M.E. 2 Part 2/2

Trivia Edit

  • Gino was supposed to be Jewish[1]

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