Cheeko is known as the overlord and dictator of eekoworld. He has complete reign and control over everything in the universe of eekoworld. Everyone who has tried to overthrow him in the past, has been killed. Cheeko has been known for his brutal way of ruling, frequently making examples of those who attempt to overthrow him and those who do not obey his orders. Every since Cheeko took command he imposed a brutal dictatorship upon the fair citizens of eekoworld.

Cheeko is everywhere, there is no escape from him. He knows where everyone is, he knows what everyone is doing. There is no escape from Cheeko. Cheeko imposes brutal laws upon the fair people of eekoworld. Which force them to recycle trash and answer trivia questions against their will. They can never stop answering these trivia questions, they can never escape from the wraith of Cheeko.

Any who oppose these laws end up in trash gulags, where they are forced to do hard labor and dig landfills to throw trash in. Inside the trash gulags, the prisoners are surrounded with trash in order to remind them of their existence and how they have committed high treason against the overlord and dictator of Eekoworld. Inside, the prisoners are forced to eat trash for lunch and dinner in order to remind them that they themselves, are trash.

Some famous examples of people trying to overthrow Cheeko include:

1982: The Balloon Assassination attempt

A large mob of angry balloons were angry at Cheeko for his cruel and unfair laws. So they plotted together and decided to gang up on Cheeko when he was at one of his "important meetings." Disguising as various props around the environment. This however was foiled when Cheeko caught them plotted together and sent them to a trash gulag in which during, they were popped one by one each day.

1956: Bomb attempt

A large portion of Cheeko's high command weren't happy with him, so they plotted an assassination attempt against him where they would take an atomic bomb to his meeting area and explode it there. Everything was going well until they were caught trying to smuggle the bomb in the area, by a guard. They quickly set the detonator off and the bomb went off. Everything was gone, only a few managed to survive the deadly explosion. However emerging from the smoke and fog was the brutal dictator, Cheeko. Cheeko was blood thirsty, he killed all of the survivors and afterwards went on rampage in the nearby town. As a result this attempt is considered the biggest failure of the 20th century.

1986: Trash Protest Massacre

In 1986 the citizens of Eekoworld tried a new idea, this time trying a protest. The people of Eekoworld painted angry faces on their signs and made signs with trash and a thumbs up next to it. They also put crossed out Cheeko faces on their signs. However this was a poorly thought out and bad idea. Cheeko sent out trash m1 Abram tanks and trash Apache helicopters to take down the peaceful protesters and sent guided trash missiles towards them. This massacre resulted in 12% of Eekoworld's population dying. After this incident though, Cheeko had a new idea. He decided to put his face all over the place on flags, banners, and also made tons of propaganda posters with his face on it.


In order to take down the brutal monster, which is Cheeko, we must band together and all work in harmony to take him down and to take back the peace of Eeekoworld. Join the resistance today, In order to make a stand against Cheeko and make a change in the world today! Only 299.99$ today while supplies last!